How to Create Themes for WordPress

by Fernando on 25/09/2010

Conviertete en un Experto en WordPress – If you have a blog, you have a theme. Chances are, you downloaded a theme off the web somewhere. It’s okay that you don’t know how to code your own customized theme from scratch! Very few people are capable of doing this. You want your blog to say «YOU», but you don’t want to pay a designer a ton of money to accomplish this. It’s a good thing Artisteer now makes it simple for you to create and customize your own WordPress theme with just a few clicks of the mouse. –


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jpacamana julio 20, 2010 a las 5:40 PM

it’s not fun at all 😐

TonyMeszarosMusic julio 22, 2010 a las 8:27 PM

bro you need to chill a bit

TonyMeszarosMusic julio 22, 2010 a las 8:28 PM

@mcflyfarm lol I agree.

TonyMeszarosMusic julio 22, 2010 a las 8:31 PM

4:01 – 4:06 WTF?

snipemdowntk julio 27, 2010 a las 9:24 PM

Dude you scare ones away from the soft Also if you want a good theme WRITE IT YOURSELF!!! , never there will be some soft that let you do the same as you could do by writing it yourself AND DUDE STOP YELLING.You are an anti html geek gratz html is a wonderfull markup language and it is extremely logical just learn it yourself and you’ll be proud. F*ck you lockergnome really you say things that aint true Html is for evryone who wants to have a great website still you need some time.

snipemdowntk julio 27, 2010 a las 9:30 PM

Also you are not friendly you just YELL AT the watchers…

Hooliganstreetsoccer julio 28, 2010 a las 7:05 AM

teach me wordpress hooks and loops moron… all this did was teach me what i already know… how to click a mouse

MrBeddall julio 28, 2010 a las 5:03 PM

dude no offense (this is my fault and is really annoying) i cant hear anything your saying because i lost my driver by downloading a banner maker xD but nvm its my fault 🙂

hawser09 julio 30, 2010 a las 6:05 PM

@olimanrules watching the video again.. I guess he is trying to make money out of us.. 😀

olimanrules julio 30, 2010 a las 11:55 PM

@hawser09 lol yupp. 😀

MrWhatever45 julio 31, 2010 a las 9:26 PM

does it export to dreamweaver?

briandaly1996 julio 31, 2010 a las 9:44 PM

can u upload them with a standered wordpress a/cc

wwwE5150com agosto 1, 2010 a las 7:23 PM

I think Billy Mays has been reincarnated.

neogeo79 agosto 17, 2010 a las 12:14 PM

This guy reminds me of one of the geeks from «THE BIG BANG THEORY»

designiconline agosto 20, 2010 a las 8:11 AM

PAAAAH! you freeeeeeeeek!! and so old

harptvonline agosto 22, 2010 a las 9:52 AM

great video and I can appreciate your energy! great job man…

InSaneTK agosto 23, 2010 a las 2:57 PM

@Code018 Enthusiasm.

shamkirnet agosto 27, 2010 a las 5:54 AM

lol 😀

roughneckfv septiembre 6, 2010 a las 2:43 PM

Thanks man!

realisticbro septiembre 6, 2010 a las 6:07 PM

I love this guy!!!! Go Geeks!

MJG01 septiembre 9, 2010 a las 4:52 AM

its not free tho

GoodSollers septiembre 12, 2010 a las 7:44 PM

Bam! I can export that! 🙂

timimbo septiembre 14, 2010 a las 4:52 PM

sup Screech with glasses?

noorabulibdeh septiembre 15, 2010 a las 7:44 PM

Thanks for this video…Feel free to get Free Word Press Themes from my channel

silvermarbles septiembre 23, 2010 a las 9:08 PM

this guy had me in stitches, i even scared my girlfriend who was sitting quietly next to me by laughing so hard. What tickled me was the comment from Code018 below, who said exactly what was running through my mind when i was watching this video.

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